“Restless” by Jennie Allen is for when we feel God’s tug to do something for Him, but we’re just not sure what it is.

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book-cover-RestlessIn “Restless” Jennie helps us understand why we feel restless with the status quo in our lives (hint: You Were Made for More), and how to discover our calling by seeing, really seeing, the threads woven in our journey.

Chapter List from the Table of Contents…

PART 1: THE CALL – A Call to Dream; Tangled Threads; Die to Live; Permission to Dream; Uncertainties; Pleasing God; A Parable

PART 2: THE THREADS – The Process; The Project; The Immovable Fabric; The Starting Place; Threads of Gifts; Threads of Suffering; Threads of Places; Threads of People; Threads of Passions; The Tailor; Your Threads

PART 3: LIVING ON PURPOSE – Untangling a Dream; Shrinking Back; When Women Dream; Focused and Steady; The End of Mundane

I highly recommend this book. As a matter of fact, I gotta head over to right now to get a few copies for some of my girls!

Love and God bless,

Felicia :)

By the way, I was in no way compensated for this book recommendation. (I didn’t even get a free copy for review.) I just really loved this book and I think you all will enjoy it too. :)