How Grace Speaks

Grace speaks…

GRACE speaks to me to interrupt my critical internal voice, of others and myself.

GRACE speaks to me when I walk past the laundry room and I realize that I forgot (again) to take the load out of the washer. Wash #3…

GRACE speaks to me when I find myself apologizing to my family for the harsh words that I didn’t mean, and they tell me they forgive me.

GRACE speaks to me when I instinctively reach for the phone to call my mother in a crisis, and remember (again) that she’s been Home for years.

GRACE speaks to me when my grown children need me in another state, and I feel like I’m a world away.

GRACE spoke to me, when my military man was deployed, and His Spirit told me, “You will get through this.” And I did. And our children did. And my husband did. One step, by merciful step, at a time.

That is how Grace speaks to me.

And in those kinds of ways, I believe God’s Grace speaks to all of us.  

I would love to hear your stories of how Grace speaks to you. Leave a comment and share your story.